the “accidental vegan”


Not to insult those who are truly vegans out there, and actually stick to the regimen. But until recently, I’ve been heading that direction.

Going between campus, my online job (butt plopped on couch with laptop), band rehearsal, working at the theater, working at the gym… I do try to stay healthy while I quickly grab food. More recently, that’s ended up being… handful of peanuts and an apple. Or something similar. Over and over. Limiting the processing in my food.

But just over a week ago, when the life was totally drained out of me (mind you, I had a half-week left of school, so that was also a contributing factor), I was telling my husband that I just needed red meat. I hoped that would be the solution.

(See? Nutrition teacher logic. Most people, when they lack energy, turn to coffee and sugar. Not that I don’t love my coffee, but at least I picked something that would give me some iron.)

So I got me some red meat. And I was able to stay upright through the band show that night, which I otherwise didn’t think I would.

Since then, I’ve been focusing more on animal protein… given that I’m more reactive to dairy these days, and I can’t always quick-cook up eggs, I’ve been leaning toward the plant foods. Yes, they are healthy for us! But with my body, I need to find a balance… moreso than I have been. I get caught up in work and I forget that I haven’t eaten any animal protein for… oh, over a week… oops.


7 Responses to “the “accidental vegan””

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    I grok this! Sometimes a body just craves animal protein; and I think it’s a good craving, which is not to say one must be Hugh Jackman and get up in the middle of the night to eat a whole chicken. But I concur active lifestyles need animal protein; nuts and berries cannot methinks fuel the warp engines of starships like you.

    • Yep–I think there’s something to be said for cravings. That said, if one is craving Cheetos, it’s probably not Cheetos that your body needs. Wait a few moments and think about what it *really* is that you need. Salty/savory food? That can be accomplished through healthier food.

  2. Try ivy Larsen clean cuisine

    • Hi–I’ve read her blog a fair amount and have liked several of her recipes. But I know that she eliminates entire food groups, and I don’t believe that that is healthy, unless there is a true food allergy. I’m even dairy intolerant, and I eat dairy every now and then because I know that it’s the best source of calcium… but only when I feel like I’m having a “better gut day”. 🙂

      Besides, I love traveling, and holding myself to significant food restrictions is harder when I’m out of the country. Sticking to less-processed foods is easier, as you might imagine (hooray, America!)

  3. 5 Eden

    I usually eat vegetarian during the week, but sometimes I eat meat on the weekends — it depends on how my body feels. When eating a balanced vegetarian diet I feel great, but sometimes it’s hard to absorb iron in vegetables, which is why I still eat meat occasionally. A good method is to just go with what feels right and you know your body best 🙂

    • Thanks Eden! BTW–the photography on your blog and facebook page is wonderful! I hope to have some more great photos after/during my summer trip to the Balkans! 🙂

  4. 7 Steve Yool

    The Balkans, yes! The sarma sounds interesting, a bit like stuffed grape leaves:

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