things are slowing down… sort of


Spring quarter has ended at my college! WOOHOO! And I don’t teach there in the summer… that means I get a break from that job!

I remember when I was in college, I thought that the teachers has the cushy, easy job. And some of them do, no doubt, if they teach the same way over and over. I’m lucky to work in a dynamic department, where we’re constantly changing things up and revisiting methods ( = more work, but great people).

I digress. I am quick to respond to students that this means I am taking a break from one of my many responsibilities. I do work online, 15-20 (sometimes more) hours a week for “the other school”, and that continues 24/7. Also, as people have been going on vacation and dealing with family graduations, I have been teaching/filling in on gym classes (5 last week between Pilates and spin–and while I get most of my workout while doing it, it still involves transportation time).

But now that I’ve submitted grades for spring quarter (yesterday… hooray!) and the band doesn’t play again for another few weeks (we’ve also had two shows in the past two weeks… why does it all come at once??) maybe my kitchen won’t be a biohazard zone anymore! đŸ™‚ And I can write regularly here… and think about what worked, and didn’t work, in my part-online course. That was quite the experiment…

Anyway, hi! Nice to see you again! (waving)


One Response to “things are slowing down… sort of”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Congrats on the end of term! I admire what you’ve said about ‘re-imagining’ a course rather than offering ‘reverse peristalsis’ over and over. I like your idea of change ups;the material is then fresh for the Prof. and fresh for your students; it’s a win-win situation. Brava! I’m keen to know more about your online methods; we’re moving to online courses (maybe even some MOOCs) at Arizona, so I’m sure we could benefit from your experiment and from your expertise. Keep up the good work(outs) and hope you return soon to your kitchen and continue to inspire with your culinary skills! : – )

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