another interesting neuro discovery


This has made its way around the web/social media recently, so maybe some of you have seen it:

Missing Link Found Between Brain, Immune System

The article states that there were recently a new set of vessels discovered that run through the brain. This could be quite the profound discovery, since these vessels could deliver materials to the brain, or remove materials from the brain.

In fact, the article says that, in patients with Alzheimer’s, the deficiency could lie in these vessels–that they aren’t effectively removing proteins from neural tissue, causing the plaque buildups characteristic of Alzheimer’s.

It also says that this could have implications for MS. What, exactly, could this mean? Well, really, any big discovery involving the brain could relate to MS, right? So much is unclear at this point. Maybe, in MS patients, a key nutrient isn’t getting properly delivered through these vessels. Or, these vessels aren’t as well-developed in MS patients. It’s a new discovery, and the future waits to be told…

And, it will take a while before any therapy comes of it. But, for now, we can be optimistic! (And, physiology nerds like me can get excited about new research!)

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