mason jar salads


Have you done it? I feel like it took me SOOO long to jump on this trend. But it’s all over the place, on Pinterest (where I have an account but I visit only a few times a year when I need a random idea), blogged about all over the place…

Here’s the idea:
Mason Jar Salads + Recipes

You put the dressing on the bottom, the chunkier stuff in next, then the delicate leafy greens in last. The idea is that the chunkier pieces (chopped peppers, tomatoes, avocado, beans, chunks of meat… etc) serve as a barrier between the greens and the dressing. Genius! When you’re ready to eat, give it a shake, and it mixes. Portable and stays fresh!

I love taking these on my long workdays! And the jar keeps it sealed.

Any favorite combinations? I’ve been so swamped that I’ve been staying kind of boring… either a cilantro yogurt dressing or a mustard vinaigrette plus tomatoes, corn, beans of some sort, and spinach. Avocado if I have it.

Try it out! (It took me forever…)

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