one of the best green smoothie combinations!


You are probably not surprised to hear that I use smoothies as a way to get a lot of produce into me. And, I put spinach and/or kale into them… really, you don’t taste them, and if you haven’t had a green smoothie yet, do it! What’s the risk? 🙂

Today, I put together a really tasty combination, and of course, I wanted to share! I didn’t measure proportions… I could try my best guesses. I’d call this…

Tropical Spiced Mango Green Smoothie
(if I gave it a name)

Into the blender in this order:
~3/4-1 c coconut milk (from a box, not can)
2 handfuls baby spinach
About 1 c chunked fresh pineapple
About 1/2 banana
About 1 c frozen mango chunks
About 1 tsp flax meal (gotta get our omega 3’s!)
About 1/2 tsp powdered ginger
About 2 tbsp lime juice (to taste, maybe more)
1 pitted date (I chopped mine a bit)

Blend it up and yum! I was going to share with my husband, but… sorry, dear. This one’s all mine! 😀


2 Responses to “one of the best green smoothie combinations!”

  1. One of my favorites but I use real ginger

    • I almost put real ginger in there! But then, I realized how far behind I was on grading papers… and somehow, the 60 seconds (or so) saved by shaking in the dried stuff seemed like the right thing to do. Maybe once spring quarter is over at my in-person teaching job, I’ll use real ginger! 🙂

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