what i’ve been up to recently


Taking a moment to update everyone on my life…

Last spring and summer (and part of the fall), I worked for an online school as well as the “brick and mortar” school where I’ve worked for three years. (I’m also potentially up for a small promotion there! Meeting to be held in a few weeks, and I don’t see why it won’t happen… hooray!) Anyway, I recently got rehired by the online school. The last few weeks of overlap at both schools will be hectic–I don’t work summer at the in-person school. But I wanted some additional summer income.

Partially because we booked a summer trip–we had some United miles burning a hole in our virtual pocket. Late summer, we’ll be flying in and out of Zagreb, Croatia. I’ve never been to that part of the world! I have a tentative itinerary planned, but that’s about all… I intend to see parts of Bosnia and definitely to get to the coast. A friend who’s traveled a lot recently told me that Dubrovnik was one of the best places he’s visited.

Still struggling a bit with hormonal issues, migraines, etc., which I really need to have worked out before said trip. I’ve made a bunch of doctor’s appointments for that, since it interferes with my getting to the gym (I don’t want to lose any strength before the summer trip, either!)

I’m being a lot more careful with my diet, too, given all of the hormonal issues, and I’ve found a lot of great recipes online. As healthy desserts go, this peanut butter salted caramel truffle is pretty insanely good, and if you haven’t tried the healthy cookie dough dip–you’re missing out.

Anyway, that’s a sneak peek into my life these days! I hope things are well with all of you…


One Response to “what i’ve been up to recently”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Oh how cool! The trip to Croatia sounds fascinating. You are a real Geographer! 🙂

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