invisible disabilities


Just a little bit ago, through newsfeeds, I found this link:

Living With Invisible Disabilities

I think there are many of us in the world who have some sort of invisible disability… to some degree. MS is one, my chronic migraines bring another. Heck, you could also say that insomnia is an invisible disability, and how many people suffer from that? Video game addiction? Yes, that one’s self-induced (at least the early stages), but… an invisible disability.

There’s been a lot of talk of these invisible disabilities on the web recently. The author of the article above is clearly in a bad way, with many disabilities that don’t allow her to truly live her life. There are many degrees of invisible disabilities. I feel badly for these people, at this extreme.

Then, there are those with a milder form of invisible disability, like me. For the most part, my MS lets me function like a normal person. Same goes for my chronic migraines: every now and then, I have a few days where I can’t get rid of the pain, so I bury myself in solitary work and become really irritable (work is better than trying to sleep, I’ve found, since it’s a distraction from the pain). But, overall, I function quite well.

For those of you like me–highly functioning “invisible disability” folks–let’s get out there! Live life! Stop reading invisible disability articles and whining about it! Life is short, right?

I just wish everyone with invisible disabilities could join in on enjoying life. There’s so much to be seen and done! šŸ™‚


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