when, all of a sudden…


OK, I love being in my 40’s. I really do. Even though it’s just a number, I somehow feel empowered to speak my mind even more… (yes, even more than I did in the past…)

But these hormonal issues are (insert curse word here)ed up. I recently visited a doctor who told me that my body has basically been going through weeks of PMS. Yeah, try that one on for size.

(Oddly, I have not experienced an uptick in MS symptoms like I usually do with increases in estrogen… hm.)

But as of a few weeks ago, my body hates dairy products. Used to be the second love of my life. Waaaaahhhh. And sometimes, even a small amount is noticeable–if I even eat something that was sauteed in a small amount of butter, pain and bloating.

Given that I don’t eat meat/chicken/fish very often (cost and time for prep), I’ve been getting a lot of plant-based protein in my life. (Am I limiting my nutrients? A discussion for another time…) I’ve gotten really into making my own nut butters and eating them with fruit. Last week, I tried this, and it was really good–check it out:

Salted Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter

There are a few other ideas online that I have in mind, such as vanilla espresso almond butter, pumpkin spice latte almond butter, honey roasted peanut butter… all you need is a food processor and your imagination! It’s quick and makes a great snack, or addition to a smoothie or other meal.

Not to mention good fats, and plant-based protein!

Have you tried an interesting nut butter flavor combination? What was your favorite? (I’m looking for more ideas!)


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