one of my goals.


If you follow some of the college sports media, or anything regrading fundraising, you may have heard of Lauren Hill. This young lady was diagnosed with a rare yet aggressive form of brain cancer, yet still continued to play basketball for her school throughout her treatment. In fact, it’s said that her love for the sport ran so deep that the first question for her doctor, after her diagnosis, was if she could keep playing.

You can read a little more about Lauren here, but I’ve found more details about her situation scattered over various Facebook pages. (You’ll see, also, that she recently passed, sadly, at age 19.)

One of Lauren’s goals was to become the Susan B. Komen of her form of brain cancer, to raise both awareness and money for the research. When I read that, I thought… how can I do the same for MS? Granted, more is known about MS than the various rare forms of brain cancer; and there’s more research money going toward relapsing remitting MS than individual forms of brain cancer; but what can I do to put the positive spin on MS in the public arena?

Especially considering the interaction I had earlier this year, where the friend was “relieved” to have been diagnosed with metastasis of her cancer vs. MS. Hm, having had MS myself for a while, and knowing that it can be relatively manageable, I know which one I’d choose… of course, I’d love to choose neither, but… really, metastatic cancer? I feel compelled to work on public awareness.

Maybe I’ll shove a bunch of West Wing episodes in their faces. After all, if the President could have MS and run the country… 😀

One Response to “one of my goals.”

  1. It’s interesting because I have thought a lot about Lauren, too, and the impact that she had a such a young age, etc. I’ve wondered if I should actively doing something right now to raise gobs of $ like she did. I *do* plan to participate in fundraising events for brain cancer. Unfortunately, the cynic in me thinks that she was so inspirational because the media smelled a perfect story and ran with it, while thousands of ….”boring”? people suffer from the same chronic/terminal illness. The impact that she had on the fundraising was about the media attention. Not to say that she wasn’t a lovely, spunky, inspirational girl…it’s just that (sadly) I know that there are so many just like her out there because I read their blogs and follow them on twitter, etc …okay, I’m rambling. I’m going to blame this on jetlag and not my brain cancer this time. I just wanted you to know that I AM reading and I AM learning from your blog, so you are having an impact! 🙂

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