is this it?


Some days, I can’t help but wonder.

I lift, I work out… a lot. I’m always sore somewhere. Yet I feel stagnant, or losing strength. This beast MS is slowly taking it away…

Granted, winter quarter took away some of my workout time. I’m able to get to the gym more, as of a few weeks ago (and I think it does show). And I’m pushing myself to weight limits, all the time.

But sometimes, it’s ridiculous, you know? I wonder if I’m ever going to be able to take time away from working out for travel, or lord help me if I have another major surgery where I’m laid up for a while.

Then again, estrogen seriously increases my MS symptoms, and I’ve had a serious uptick in estrogen dominance for the past several weeks. Several. Maybe I oughta see an endocrinologist before I get too out of control…

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