cheaters never win…


Or that’s what I like to think.

Y’know, when I was back in college (graduated 20 years ago), it was the rare case that we found cheaters when I was a TA. Mayyyybe we didn’t catch them, maybe they were smarter at cheating…

But this quarter, among the 45 students left standing in my two classes at the end of the quarter… 6 people involved in cheating on the final and plagiarized assignments in the last week. Really?

And as I was recently telling someone at the gym, during everyday interactions with students, I’m friendly and sweet… until they try to break the rules. Or, especially when they pull this cheating crap. Then… I become the harsh witch. Nope, no rule-breaking around me. Not only that, but when one begs “for meeee, please?” I always pull the “I want to treat all students equally–don’t you feel that’s fair?” line, and that often gets them to shut up. 😉

Anyway, I digress. Yes, that many cheaters–obviously copied essay questions (that contained the same irrelevant parts of answers), one person holding up her exam so that her friend could see what she wrote (luckily I saw that behavior early enough and went over, called them on it, and sat next to them), and one person copying off a phone (whom I failed–it doesn’t matter that you worked hard in the rest of the class, cheating is cheating).

The scary thing? I know that for every person I catch, there’s probably at least one other person getting away with it that I don’t catch…


One Response to “cheaters never win…”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    I like your approach with cheaters; it’s true that they cannot argue with what’s fair. I plunk strict language in my syllabi about cheating, but always have a few students in my large lecture I have to call into my office for a ‘little chat.’ I think also it’s true that more people cheat than we catch. As I tell them: They are in the long run only cheating themselves. So cheaters never win. I agree with all you’ve said. ; — )

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