great science video, and… inspiration


Slightly off-topic… but who cares. šŸ™‚

This video was the clear favorite of my students this past quarter: Water Bear Don’t Care It’s a rap about an incredible tiny organism that can survive in extreme conditions, even outer space! Highly recommended. šŸ™‚

And now that I’m officially done with the quarter (including giving four zeroes to people who blatantly cheated on my finals on Tuesday), I’d like to mention one student in particular who’s committing to a big goal. (Many of my students inspire me! But this is a big deal.) She is a ranger herself, has hiked the Pacific Crest Trail already, and is starting the Continental Divide Trail at the end of April–it’s partially for her own personal journey, but also to educate others on wilderness safety. She even gets some college credit for this! So, while she doesn’t have any photos of this adventure up yet, she’s hoping to publicize her Instagram feed, and I thought what better way to do that than blog about it? Please take a look starting at the end of April (if not now! Bookmark!) at I wish her the best. Go, Jess!

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