pi day recipe!


So, in full nerd spirit, I had my annual Pi Day Party yesterday. We had a full living room! 🙂 Lots of Pi’s. I always encourage people to bring a mix of food so that we can actually eat dinner, but alas, we still had a bunch of dessert.

(I have to laugh: a math teacher friend was over, and someone had brought peach candy rings–you know, these circular ones?–and I heard her say, “there’s so much math in this candy!” 😀

One of the big hits: it’s not the healthiest, but not necessarily unhealthy, either. I made a Taco Pizza. Here’s the recipe for this lovely work of art. It was definitely popular! I had trouble getting the dough to be round, but it was still a Pi, and it tasted great. I used taco seasoning from Trader Joe’s, which I approve of, since (at least by the ingredient label) it doesn’t have any weird stuff… it only lists things like chili powder, sea salt, cayenne pepper… all things we can pronounce.

I hope you had some Pi of some sort yesterday, and that you enjoyed it!


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