a day behind and…


… not a dollar short, but a day behind in posting! I have too many spinning plates that I’m trying to hold up!

First things first: Saturday is the Pi Day of all Pi Days, right?

it's almost pi day!

it’s almost pi day!

Even though I have so many things going on, I have to have a party. All things Pi and round! (A math teacher friend is coming and she keeps saying how excited she is!) I’m making a taco pizza, a curry spinach frittata (like I do every Pi day), and… the infamous Crack Pie. I’ve never tried Crack Pie before… we’ll see if it’s too sweet, or if I just can’t get enough!

After that… I’ve been toying with the idea of a sugar detox. I know the husband won’t like me very much during that time. I don’t know. I’m always telling my nutrition students that there’s no reason to eliminate a single food unless you have a sensitivity, but I think I go out of control eating sugar sometimes… and maybe this is a way to keep it in check.

Anyway! Good to be back, and I’ll take some Pi pictures… and I’ll report back on the Crack! (Has anyone else tried it? What do you think?)


One Response to “a day behind and…”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    I love the rhyme reference to Prince’s 1999! Happy upcomng Pi day dear!

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