“i’m fine”


A few years ago, I taught at a Pilates studio that had a rehab-oriented clientele. (Geek-out work for me! I love this type of problem-solving.) One of my clients had chronic lower back problems–both pain as well as a structural issue. (I won’t bore you with the biomechanics.) When I chose exercises that might challenge her condition, I always asked how they felt, and her response was always a single word: “fine.” Monotone, expressionless. I often tried drawing her out to no avail. (In the end, while I got on “fine” with this client, this was a point of frustration for all of the instructors who worked with her.)

Just a few weeks ago, now, when I had my Gilenya first dose, I was observed every hour for 6 hours. Each observation, the assistant asked me how I felt. Since nothing changed for the first 4 hours, I always said, “fine”. Looking back, I should have elaborated that nothing had changed… but I had to laugh, since I was immediately taken back to my former Pilates client. I guess she wasn’t the only one who was “fine”!

Next time, hopefully I’ll remember to be a better communicator! 🙂


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