anti-vaccination: a personal consequence?


Happy Valentine’s Day! How appropriate that I write something dealing with both my husband and me… 🙂

A little bit ago, I wrote about how the anti-vax trend has led to the spread of measles, and how that could have bigger consequences for those of us with autoimmune disease and screwy immune systems.

Well, my husband recently reminded me of something…

Growing up, we all get measles/mumps/rubella vaccines, right? Apparently, he is part of a very small percentage of people who do not produce antibodies to the measles vaccine. What does that mean? Does it mean that he’d get measles if exposed? We don’t know. He’d certainly have natural immunity in that case, but it would suck in the process.

But as I mentioned, to complicate things, I take a medication that slightly suppresses my immune system. If he brought measles home, I would most likely get it… and I work at a medium-sized public college… I can see this snowballing from there.

Anyway, ’nuff said. Vaccinate against measles, please!


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