heading out to start gilenya


Today’s the day! After an aborted try with Tecfidera (due to awful upper GI side effects) last October, and previously giving up on injection site reactions, I’m finally restarting an MS drug. I’ve been off since then, and no new disease activity… how’s that for good clean livin’?

I’ve had to wait until today because I (or anyone) need to be observed for 6 hours after taking the first dose of the medication. There’s a pretty good chance of it causing heart rate to drop, so they do hourly EKGs in the facility. As someone who teaches Monday-Friday most quarters, getting to a facility only open business hours was tricky. But this quarter, I don’t teach Mondays, so I was able to work it into my schedule (once I got around a few other Monday appointments).

I’ll basically be sitting there the entire day… I guess I’ll do a lot of coursework for the upcoming quarter? Hopefully all will be well… I’ll report back soon!

4 Responses to “heading out to start gilenya”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Hope all goes well! Dad

  2. Will be waiting for good news.

    • Thanks! Of course, I don’t know of anything (what do we really know about disease-modifying drugs) but I have a lot to say about the experience today. I’m about to write a follow-up post which will come out in a few days…

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