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(OK, I admit… I have another very deep post idea, and it’s taking me a while to put everything into words, so this “fluff post” is a good space filler for now! Enjoy!)

Every now and then, I like to tell you about some of the internet resources I really enjoy… in the hopes that you all can enjoy them, too! Note that I get no financial kick-back from any of these… I just really like ’em. πŸ™‚

  • Yoga With Adriene because… she keeps things human. No yoga egos in her videos. Just lots of good instruction, lots of free videos, and lots of support. She’s a little zany, but I like it! She has a 30 Days of Yoga series going on right now–and it’s great if you’re new to exercise.
  • Meditation Invitation If you want some guidance to get started meditating, this is a great place. Guided meditation sequences that are about 10 minutes long!
  • 30 Healthy Popcorn Recipes A bit of a guilty pleasure, but this is a great list of ideas to make one of my favorite snacks (that I admit to eating drenched in butter) better for me! I’ve tried the taco/Dorito popcorn, and it’s yum. Looking forward to trying more!
  • Airbnb Since I talk with so many people who haven’t heard of Airbnb, since I’ve used it and have enjoyed it, I’ll mention it here. Take a look at the site, and you’ll find people from around the world renting out rooms, portions of houses, full apartments… Great way to get to know other cultures as you travel!
  • Afford Anything A blog about making savvy financial decisions so you really can afford anything. Paula has some strategies that even I hadn’t thought of…
  • Freakin Flyers Finally, another travel link. For those of you who are like me, and slowly working your way into the world of “travel hacking”, or figuring out how to accumulate miles and points for all of your travel. I’m very much a novice, but have done an OK job on my last few trips. In fact, I think I’ll sit back and read this one for a while, right now!

If you’ve found anything interesting (within reason… PG-rated here!)–feel free to share it! πŸ™‚

4 Responses to “links i like”

  1. I’m excited to check out afford anyyhing & airbnb! Haven’t heard of either of them. Thx!

    • Awesome! I’m always glad to share the wealth. Airbnb has helped us with travel so many times–both in saving money and enriching our travel experiences!

  2. 3 Steve Yool

    These are all excellent resources and being a popcorn freak also that was a pleasure to see! Dad

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