why not?


In light of the new year, goals, etc… I have a thought.

Throughout my life, I’ve had lots of ideas that have been squashed because “that’s not the way it’s done” or “it just doesn’t work that way”. We’ve all heard that, right? I’ve started pushing back with… why not? (Of course, it takes more than just saying it. Wouldn’t it be nice if just a wave of a magic wand got things to work out? Sometimes, though, just talking to the right person gets things going!)

For instance…

People with MS aren’t supposed to be able to exercise much. Why not? Of course, for some people it can set off additional flare-ups, but for the most part, it’s great for the body! I was doing intense exercise even before I knew I had MS!

After your MS diagnosis, your life just goes downhill. Why? Well, I must say that some people don’t understand me as well because I’m far less material and superficial, and I’ve become quite the philosopher (ahem), but just a wee bit of attention to diet and exercise goes a long way. Unfortunately it doesn’t help everyone, but it helps more than you’d think.

Girls aren’t meant to be scientists (ooohhh, one I heard growing up). Why not? In fact, if those people knew about the cancer drug research I did, and that I am now a respected biology and health educator… shoot high!

Travel is only an option for the more wealthy. Why? Just set aside a small percent of your paycheck each month, and see what can happen! (Things to think about: would you rather buy a coffee every day, or would you rather save up for a trip? Would you rather have the newest iPhone, or save for a trip?) Also, travel can be made cheaper through AirBnb and similar sites.

So… I encourage you to question any assumptions that you think don’t work for you, because one size certainly does not fit all!

2 Responses to “why not?”

  1. I have MS, and I work out A TON! Its great for my body, but more importantly my mind and well being. I need it to stay sane and balanced. So I too say ‘why not’? 🙂

  2. AWESOME! I say, let’s do it while we can! 🙂 And as I implied, that goes for anything, not just MS-related stuff.

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