holiday (chocolaty! healthy!) treat


Last year, at a Christmas party, I won this large silicone ice cube tray in a gift swap:

What was I going to do with huge ice cubes?

What was I going to do with huge ice cubes?

True, it was a gift, but it sat around for a while, unused. Until just over a month ago, when I started making coconut oil chocolates!

Now, depending on who you ask, coconut oil may have many health benefits, some health benefits, or none at all. This Huffington Post article about coconut oil sums it up quite nicely, saying that today’s less-refined coconut oil purportedly contains several health benefits as opposed to the older stuff, but that we still should exercise portion control (because calories, after all).

Anyway, coconut oil + cocoa powder (definitely a source of healthy compounds!) + sweetener and other flavoring agents… YUM! Rich, melt-in-your-mouth!

And this has become the use for aforementioned ice tray.

If you have a similar mold:
Try melting about 1/2 c coconut oil. Add 4 tbsp cocoa powder and mix well. Stir in about 1/4 c maple syrup (or other sweetener) or slightly less, to taste. Add your favorite flavoring… during the holidays, I’m going with peppermint oil!

You may need to melt the above mixture again to get it to combine uniformly. Once it is mixed, pour it equally into the compartments of your mold, and freeze until solid! Enjoy in moderation… 🙂


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