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Something I’ve been wondering about for a while… and now, there’s indeed some evidence. Some articles point to progesterone helping with MS symptoms both in the short and long-term. This is both interesting and frightening to me… as I believe my body has been flooded with estrogen in recent years, between my large ovarian tumor/cyst […]

Just over a month ago, a dear friend from my grad school days (I was the one in school… she was moral support) was diagnosed with a rather nasty brain cancer. She is a fantastic writer, and I’d like to share June’s blog with you: Living A Life In Full Within a few days, she […]

(happy november!) I recently read an article about a couple who was satisfied with their life with their child, in a comfortable neighborhood, with jobs that they like, just down the street from work. And I was a little jealous. Because I can never sit still like that. I always want more. You see, I […]