on maintaining strength


Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Americans!

I have only had one significant relapse as an MS patient–the one in 2012 that diagnosed me (though I believe a series of events in 2008 may have been a flare-up as well, in addition to some minor events over the years). My MRIs have remained stable, since.

Which is great news! I had initial naive thoughts that I’d maintain the same level of strength as I had shortly after diagnosis–just minor weakness in my left leg.

But what I’m having to remind myself is that while no new damage is occurring, the brain-to-muscle pathways are already slightly compromised. This means that even without a flare-up, I could be slowly losing strength… which I’m noticing, especially with my ~3-4 month layoff this year due to multiple abdominal surgeries.

So far, my answer has been to work out like a madwoman and to eat clean. And when I actually stop to think, I have made gains. I have to remind myself that strength isn’t recovered overnight.

But dangit if it isn’t a challenge…

I keep on thinking (and telling others): in my teens and twenties, my goal for working out was to look good. Now, my goal is to stay strong and functional! That’s what it’s all about, eh? 😉

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