A book really resonated with me recently: Dying to be Me, in which Anita Moorjani speaks of her near-death experience, having slipped into a coma when cancer treatment failed her.

Dying to be Me

She speaks of her renewed spirit after her NDE, and what I refer to as living with urgency, since life is precious and short, and there is much for us to accomplish.

As such, I always have a lot of projects and move quickly. Ms. Moorjani says she’s the same way, in her book, and that her energy carries others along.

Unfortunately in the circles I seem to travel in nowadays, many seem to find me strange. A freak. At best, “I wish I could be like you!” (Step one: set aside the TV…)

Looking for new circles to travel in. Looking for a new home. Anyone care to “adopt” me?

2 Responses to “misunderstood”

  1. Water always finds its own level. You also will find your circle, or more likely, a variety of different circles to circulate in.

    • Until then, I’ve gotta keep on moving and exploring… remaining fluid… just like water. Not sitting around and waiting for life to happen!

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