minimalist living?


There’s been a whole group of bloggers, over the last few years, who call themselves minimalist. In fact, there was a trend a few years back of people who were paring down their belongings to 100 items or less.

Which got me thinking: how can I live with less?

Now, I wasn’t about to pare down to 100 items. And what are we talking about–are we counting each individual pair of underwear? (There goes 10, right there.) And each individual sock?

OK, I’m being silly. But what I’m trying to say is that for me, the number is not the point. Rather than minimalist living, I’m trying to practice “just enough” living. I have just enough items that I need. Just enough food, just enough heat in my house during the winter. Maybe it means that I own 427 items… but I’m not going to count and brag that “I own less stuff than you”. Because that’s not the point, right? It’s not a competition.


3 Responses to “minimalist living?”

  1. We can backpack around the world with so few belongings but at home we accumulate so much. We’re addicted to “stuff”.

    • True that, and stuff just takes up more time. I talk to so many people who have to sync their computer calendar with their phone calendar with two more devices, and–oops, one crashed, restoring, but that’s taking another hour… and there goes the whole night. Simple frees up so much time. 🙂

  1. 1 in search of… our future digs | In Search of My New Normal

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