new format?


Just over a week ago, I changed the formatting of the blog, to make it easier to read on mobile devices. It’s a little plain, I think, but I also believe that the purpose of a website (whether it be a blog or a news article) is first and foremost to communicate. Once that has happened, then you can think about being pretty or flourished.

I can already tell that readability is improved, but how does everyone like the layout? Does it actually look better? (Finding a new WordPress theme has been on my to-do list for a while, just not my highest priority.)

I’ll have to see what kinds of bells and whistles this particular theme has. Does anyone want links back to their blog (if you are semi-related to my theme)? I’m sure there’s a place.

Meanwhile… keep on living life and striving for more!


One Response to “new format?”

  1. I follow on my computer, so either format is fine. I care more about the information than the look. I am sure you will strike the right balance with some tweaking.
    I wish I could tell you more, but I wanted to give you some feedback. I recently made some cosmetic changes to my blog, but didn’t really receive any feedback. I decided to reply mostly because of this.

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