hormones and ms… a connection?


Something I’ve been wondering about for a while… and now, there’s indeed some evidence.

Some articles point to progesterone helping with MS symptoms both in the short and long-term. This is both interesting and frightening to me… as I believe my body has been flooded with estrogen in recent years, between my large ovarian tumor/cyst (since removed, benign) and symptoms I’ve felt.

I had a chat with my gyno about a month ago about it, and started taking evening primrose oil and progesterone cream (NOTE! talk with your doctor before starting hormonal supps!!). The odd symptoms–I had cervical mucus consistency as if I was constantly ovulating–went away, and my migraines significantly eased up.

But since ovulation correlates with a peak of estrogen, how long have I been peaking out in estrogen? That’s what’s scary… but I guess I can’t go back, and I’ve since corrected the problem.

Recently, I had a normal estrogen peak (based on my body’s signals) like a premenopausal woman would every month. I also had more tingling and a little numbness in my left calf, the side affected by my MS. That went on for two days, along with my estrogen-mediated migraines. I was *thisclose* to calling the MS clinic, thinking it might be a flare-up… but it went away. Were the symptoms aggravated by high estrogen in my body?

Oh, how I’d love to do endocrinology research on how hormone cycles affect MS! I’m sure I could lobby…


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