always searching for more…


(happy november!)

I recently read an article about a couple who was satisfied with their life with their child, in a comfortable neighborhood, with jobs that they like, just down the street from work.

And I was a little jealous. Because I can never sit still like that. I always want more.

You see, I have what most people would think is a great job. I’m quarterly contracted, but I’m in a great department with great coworkers. Students can be hit-or-miss, but that’s the case at any school, and I get to do what I’m good at.

But I’m always striving to do better or more. How can I improve myself? Work out more/better/become stronger? Improve my nutrition? Make myself happier? Make the house more organized or efficient? I can’t see myself ever settling down to the happiness of “I’ll stay in this satisfied job forever.”

In a sense, that’s good, since I’m always questioning what’s right for me. But… do I ever really take time for myself anymore?


6 Responses to “always searching for more…”

  1. Your post appears rather …. lopsided. I think there might be a formatting issue–feel free to delete this post if I am in the wrong, or you have fixed it.

    I like your ideas, but I have come to realize that you can only improve yourself when you come to realize how good you have things. Things get better incrementally. They do not change overnight.

    • Lopsided how? I just get frustrated with people’s complacency. (Or appearance lopsided? I’ll look. I’ve been putting so much time into work recently…)
      It’s OK if you’re satisfied with the status quo… I suppose. But I think that the majority of us have potential to be so much more than what we are… that we should constantly improve and strive to be better. 🙂

      • Sorry, I will be clearer. The text appears only on the left side and the right side is just a solid colour. It just means that the post appears quite small, and hard to read.
        I agree that you need to constantly improve. I just meant that striving for better begins by finding greatness in what you have–not acceptance nor complacency. I just find a lot of people trash everything they have when they need improve what isn’t working, not just everything wholesale.
        Of course, my way is not everyone’s.
        I am not advocating complacency. I am advocating true introspection, followed by effort to improve.

  2. I think you can be both satisfied and striving for improvement. Good post to get people thinking about it and where they fall on one end, the other, or somewhere in the middle.

    Actually, it is difficult to read here – I have to increase the size on my screen to read your posts. It’s worth it, but it might be more inviting if you used a different theme page.

    • Yes, one of my thousands of priorities (how can we have a million “priorities”?) has been to find a more mobile-friendly WP theme. Thing is, I don’t have a smartphone to test… I just have to go on faith that themes that advertise themselves as mobile-friendly truly *are*!

      • I checked on my phone and it is very mobile friendly, just not desktop friendly which is what I usually read on. Mystery solved for me.

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