building strength…


In the past year, I’ve noticed a significant drop-off in my body’s strength, in so many categories. (Mind you, there were three months in spring and early summer that I really couldn’t exercise due to multiple abdominal surgeries, which may have been the real culprit…)

I’m trying to address that from a number of angles. While I’ve been hauling around weights at the gym, sometimes that doesn’t always strengthen the smaller stabilizing muscles. I’ve been leaning toward Pilates and yoga for that.

My shoulders have been one part of my body that, recently, have been giving out a lot. So I’ve been doing a number of short shoulder strengthening routines. Here’s one that I recently found, and the good thing about it is that it also incorporates some stretching, and it gives plenty of breaks if you aren’t ready for much strength training work:

There are a lot of short yoga videos for strength, only about 15-20 minutes long. These can be done at home, with little or no equipment. No excuses, right?

So, come and join me and work on your shoulder and arm strength with this video a few times a week! You can do it in addition to your regular routine, and while I’m doing this to fight the effects of my MS, you don’t need to be an MS patient. Who’s in?


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