how ms has changed my travel… for good


If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I travel a lot (50 states, anyone?) and that I enjoy doing it. MS has led me to change my style a little…

My last trip, I was gone for almost a month. We didn’t spend more than 3 days in any one place, and drove a lot. While MS is my constant fall guy and gets the blame for a lot of my symptoms, I believe that MS did play somewhat of a role in my being more tired during the entire trip… though you could also attribute it to three abdominal surgeries earlier in the year, an intense work schedule (I still did some work while traveling), just being older in general… nah, not going with the last one. 😉

In any case, I’m thinking that I should slow down my travels in the future. I used to bop around all over the place, but I find myself wanting more depth than breadth to my travels. Lots of times, I’m disappointed to leave a place, because I never really got the chance to experience it. I get to know the locals as well as see the sights, and 3 days isn’t enough time for someone, chronic illness or not.

So, having to slow down will certainly improve our travel experience! (I only fear the few places I go to and think, “boy, I’m glad I’m not here for more than 2 days.” It happens very rarely… but it does happen. You know what I mean?)

And I’ll be taking care of myself at the same time. Win-win!


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