on setting quests


Last time, I talked about Chris Guillebeau’s new book about setting quests for yourself, seeking life improvement, so on and so forth.

What if you can’t think of anything to accomplish? Well… that’s part of what this book is about, to inspire you, to give your creativity a good shove.

And what some of these people found–and what I have found–is that sometimes, you embark on what feels like a more superficial quest, and in the process of pursuing a smaller, seemingly less meaningful goal, you end up thinking of something deeper along the way. You modify. You pursue more. Life has new meaning.

For instance. I recently visited my 50th state. Most people would say, what’s the big deal? Why aim for all 50, why make that sort of effort?

First of all, when you’ve already been to 49, you kind of want to get to the last one. 🙂 But there’s something else. Having an artificial goal (all 50 states!) forced me into going to all parts of the country. Otherwise, what reason would I have to see the whole thing, other than my desire to travel? And by visiting all areas of the country, I see more, learn more, learn more about a variety of people. I’ve learned that while we all have similar deep desires (success, to be happy), we have different value systems, different religious values, different political values. Yeah, it’s one thing to read about it. But it’s different to sit down and talk to someone about it. And that’s what that travel quest was all about. (I never knew that was the case when I started my cross-country trips at age 7… but here I am.)

Anyway, start small, work big. It will happen. 🙂

3 Responses to “on setting quests”

  1. Congratulations – that’s a lot of miles and experiences!

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