the happiness of pursuit


I recently had the opportunity to preview Chris Guillebeau’s new book, which came out a few days ago. It’s called The Happiness of Pursuit, and discusses the importance of seeking out quests in life.

He also gives many examples of diverse quests people have taken–from the extreme, of a family of four bicycling and tent camping from Alaska to Patagonia, to a woman cooking a meal from every country in the world. (Not that the latter is not challenging, but it presumably comes at less bodily risk.) What I’m getting at is that despite the word “quest” seeming epic (in the literal sense), you can choose your own level of quest.

And who knows… you may start out with something on the smaller scale, and once you accomplish that, you feel successful! (Awesome!) and you end up setting your sights higher with a second quest.

The point, however, is not to compete; the point is to enjoy life. Enjoy the journey along the way.

And I enjoyed this book, too! If you’re interested in reading more about it, check it out here: Chris Guillebeau’s Books

Chris is starting out a multi-city book tour, US and Canada for now. I’ll be seeing him in Seattle on October 24th (and am toying with the Vancouver date, also, as an excuse to go to one of my favorite cities!)

I have a big quest idea. It relates to MS and public perception of the disease. More on that later!

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