do you have a quest in life?


Not long ago, I got an advance copy (hee, I feel special!) of Chris Guillebeau’s new book, The Happiness of Pursuit. If you haven’t heard of Chris, stop by his website–no matter who you are, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you. He writes about travel, pursuing goals, finding out who you are, and exceeding your limitations. Things I think about all the time. 🙂

I’m still reading this wonderful book, and it’s not set to officially publish for a few days, but Chris writes about quests. He has interviewed a handful of people who have taken their own major quest in life, and how might one go about pursuing that? And why should one pursue a quest? (To find meaning in life, happiness…) Read more about the book here, where you can even place an order if you want.

Chris recently completed a quest of his own–visiting all 192 countries of the world by his 35th birthday. One might wonder–why? But he discovered, much as I discovered in my pursuit of all 50 US states, that the stories you get from the people you meet–especially in the day and age of social media–are gold. I imagine Chris would agree with me–I feel very “wealthy” merely from my travel experiences.

As for me, I have an idea for my own quest and am trying to hone it. As someone who thrives with MS (very few symptoms), I’d love to meet others in a similar boat and hear your life stories. My goal (at least at this point) is two-fold: anecdotal data collection for what might help us stay healthy, and to share the positive side of MS with the world.

Would anyone care to participate in my quest? 🙂

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