how do you enjoy your avocado?


Happy Labor Day!

Summer isn’t over yet, and there’s always a plethora of yummy produce around a lot of the year, at least here in Seattle! I like eating avocado (though my poor husband is allergic)–not only is it tasty, but it’s full of nutrients as well as healthy fats! These good fats are great for those of us with MS, as they may help our myelin. Any excuse to eat a tasty whole food, eh?

Anyway, I was recently reading a post on Carrots and Cake, another blog talking about food and exercise, and found this post (hah, a post about a post about a post!) listing creative uses for avocado:

Surprising Uses For Avocado

Ends up I’ve done a handful of ’em already, such as making smoothies and chocolate pudding (oh so creamy!), but thought I’d pass along a few ideas! Avocado in fruit salad… I’ll have to try that one out!

If any of you have interesting avocado recipes, post ’em below!


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