keeping the mind active…


There’s a theory that keeping our minds active “keeps us young” (whatever that means), but it’s also clear that it helps fend off neurological problems such as MS.

But how to keep our minds active? I know several who read trivia, or do crossword puzzles. Me… I can’t help but think that’s not really productive. Since I love to travel, and I have a mind for this sort of stuff anyway, I’ve played around with online language sites.

I have no affiliation and don’t get a kickback, but my favorite right now is Duolingo. It’s easy to do a segment when you only have 5 minutes free, and you still feel like you accomplish something in that few minutes. Plus, unlike some other apps I’ve played with, you actually learn useful words and phrases.

The temptation for me (and for other travelphiles that I’ve read) is that once I establish the barest-bones level in a language, I really want to try something else! Oooohh! Shiny! New! But my challenge over the past two years has been to develop my Spanish to a deeper fluency. Growing up in California, Spanish was all around me, and at my small high school, it was my only foreign language choice. I was bored. But now that I’ve traveled to Latin America (and enjoyed it!) I understand its usefulness.

(If anyone is learning Spanish on duolingo, I’m brooke1! Find me!)

Anyway, if you’re into these things, it’s fun (to me, at least) and a great way to develop a new skill while keeping your mind active. They have other language options, too. Check it out!


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