that was quick.


A few days ago, I was trying to decide between new MS drugs (or, disease-modifying therapies, as we call them, since they only slow progression…)

And I did 15 minutes of research to figure it out–or at least to figure out one to try. I think I’ll try Tecfidera (the newest one) first. It’s a little scary for me, as the side effects involve the stomach and GI tract, and I have chronic nausea problems.

But with Aubagio, several people have lost their hair (and I’d rather not go there if possible).

And Gilenya causes heart rate to slow down… mine is already on the slower side. I was given beta blockers for migraines years back, and the slow heart rate side effect made me feel so sluggish.

Tecfidera it is. No MS drug is ideal. I’ll give it a go and report back within a few months…

3 Responses to “that was quick.”

  1. Good luck. Of all Oral DMD’s, this seems to be the choice of many neuros due to efficacy during trials and safety data available while treating psoriasis.

    • Thanks. Considering I bleed as a result of many of my injections anymore, it’s time to try something different for a while (and I’m tired of explaining syringes to security folks when I travel).

      • Options today to find that perfect fit to manage your MS. Sorry your were having difficulty with security. They didn’t bother me about the syringes. They were more concerned with the neuro-stim attached below my knee, I knew what they were thinking but glad they were keeping us safe. Keep being proactive and enjoy your day! 🙂

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