figuring out a new ms drug.


I think I’m about done with injections… unfortunately.

Rebif has been working out for me. It has kept me relapse-free. My symptoms have been minimal. So why change?

I feel like such a wimp when I say this, but… too many injection site reactions. A few days before leaving on our trip (end of July) I saw someone at my MS clinic and had a chat about what I thought were lumps from injections. Unfortunately I have a limited number of areas where I can inject myself, since we need a certain amount of subcutaneous fat for injecting–and I don’t seem to have that in the usual areas (hips, upper thigh). The only place I’ve been able to “pinch an inch” for injection is my abdominal area.

That’s gotten a lot of abuse recently, as I’ve also had to work around surgical scars–so I’ve had even more limitation in my injection areas. My specialist understood my dilemma, but told me that this was unhealthy for the skin. She was the one who suggested I switch to one of the oral meds.

I had been reluctant to switch when Tecfidera came out, since Rebif was doing its job. But the side effects are driving me nuts. Also, an oral drug would make travel less inconvenient.

She was also mentioning Aubagio or Gilenya, but I recall side effects being worse for those two?

I need to research all three and make the decision for me (she said that Tecfidera was her top choice)–any thoughts from anyone taking them?

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