what i’ve learned… a birthday post


Happy birthday… to ME!

It’s a big one, too, as I start my 5th (!!) decade of life. While many people run the other direction from 40, I see it as an opportunity to start bigger and better projects than ever before!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating the things I’ve learned in my first four decades… and what I consider important. I’ll share them with you.

  • It’s important to have good friends. It doesn’t matter how many. Really, as long as you have one good friend, you’re good to go. I have one best friend who I can always count on.
  • It’s astounding the number of people I talk to who tell me “I’ll do that one of these days” when I talk about my travels. One of these days should be now. You won’t see everything in the world. but prioritize a few things and start working through your list.
  • I found a quote recently (I’m paraphrasing, terrible memory for these things) that said something like there are some people who are so poor, that all they have is money. The past few years, I’ve discovered how “wealthy” I am. Thank you to the riches in my life.
  • As is often mentioned, we create our own happiness. We are individually responsible for our own success, and the choices that we make. “Success” can sometimes be a big, amorphous, scary thing, but it can also be broken down into smaller steps. Take a little time each day.
  • And speaking of taking a little time each day, even a small amount of exercise each day works miracles. When I’ve mentioned to acquaintances about a “big birthday” coming up, the number who’ve thought it’s 35… and it’s not just genetics. Put a little into the exercise bank, as well as the happiness bank, and your body will repay you a million-fold.

I could keep going and going… but I should save some of the pithy statements for my 50th birthday! 🙂

Anyway, keep living (and I mean TRULY living, not just existing), laughing, loving… and being unabashedly YOU.

Here’s to another great decade!

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