relief for the feet


Check out this video I recently came across–it’s targeted at arthritis relief in feet and ankles, but believe me, it also provides benefits for MS folks:

I found it a few days ago, because something I did (probably in my workouts) caused some spasticity in my right shin, foot, and ankle that just didn’t want to let up. I tried stretching, rolling… and it kept on coming back. Sometimes I seek out videos to get advice from others, to see if anyone else has ideas I haven’t thought of.

These ideas aren’t necessarily new, but they’re a great package in under 10 minutes. Her first exercise increases mobility in the foot and ankle–and some of us with MS have problems with that (you may not know that you do!). The remaining exercises are gentle strength exercises, some of which work small, subtle muscles. One is an exercise I’ve worked on sporadically over the years, and I have yet to master it: independent movement of the toes. (Tough! It’s a mind game! But great for strengthening the small muscles of the feet.)

Anyway, just 10 minutes out of your day, a few times a week, and you will see improvements in gait and balance… subtle, but it’ll happen!

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