why pilates is good for ms


The following article came through my feed today:

Eight Reasons Why Pilates Is Great Exercise For Someone With MS

Now… I could be snarky and say that Pilates can help you learn how to count (the list skips 3, so it actually only contains 7 reasons) but, as someone who is a Pilates instructor in the rehab community, I agree with all reasons listed. Not only is Pilates gentle exercise, but it can be done close to the floor (alleviating fear of falling), it involves slow and gentle movements, it includes both strength and stretching (which helps with spasticity)…

Another benefit that is not mentioned (here’s their #3?) is that if you find a good Pilates instructor, he or she will find any deficiencies in your body and help correct them to the best of your ability. For instance, my left leg is a tiny bit weaker due to my lesion around C6 on my spinal cord (they say… I’ve never had a thoracic MRI… wouldn’t that be revealing?). I do a lot of work that involves my legs independent of each other–unilateral exercise–so that my weak leg can’t just “go along for the ride” and be supported by my strong leg all the time. A good Pilates instructor will be able to recognize these issues.

As always, if you have any questions about using Pilates or functional exercise for rehab, throw ’em my way!


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