keep on movin, don’t stop


(hopefully I’m not the only one who remembers that song)

So, in my posts, I talk a lot about feeling good, having energy, and not experiencing many symptoms. Here’s where I admit to you that I do have the occasional rough time.

I am going through a rough patch right now. I don’t think it’s MS-related, but I’m going through a series of doctor appointments to clear up some lingering issues which remain from my previous GI surgeries. I’ve had lots of times, recently, where I don’t feel like eating, or I only feel like eating plain, bland foods.

Now, I could just curl up and shut out the world. Still, during those times, I make the most of it. It’s pretty easy, still, to log the hours for my online job (from home), so I do that. Aside from that, I get out. I might not be able to go for a run based on how I feel, but even doing my meager grocery shopping lifts my spirits, and the positive thinking makes me feel better.

Also, I make a point to incorporate some movement into the day. Even on the worst days, I move through a slow, gentle yoga sequence. It’s always surprising, the beneficial effects that hip stretches can have on the upper back. (Yeah, I know–everything’s connected, but it’s a nice surprise how good I feel in the end to have some gentle movement!)

So what I’m trying to say: never stop. You may have to back off a little, but keep that body going. It’ll all feel good. 🙂


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