reflecting on my 30’s


In a few short weeks, I’ll be hitting new territory–a new decade! Most people fear and dread it… I see new opportunities and challenges!

I’ve done a lot of goal setting for this year, and during this year… and just as expected, sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. In fact, I think I did MORE than expected! I inadvertently inspired two groups of students with my mid-spring quarter surgery and comeback (though… I wouldn’t recommend that as a way to inspire students), and I created a whole critical thinking lecture based on the experience.

But, overall, the past ten years is when I’ve created my true sense of self. It’s when many people fear getting older, but when I think back to my 20’s, I was still finding my way and had no true identity. Anyone who knows me now, would say that I definitely have character.

What do I have planned going forward into my 40’s? More travel, of course! More outreach to help the MS community! (Already starting work on this year’s Dance MS fundraiser!) Teaching, nutrition, music, writing, education, seeing if I can run again (that got backburnered with my surgeries)… there’s always a fun project! It keeps us ALIVE!

I still have a few days to celebrate this decade, so stick with me here… then let’s go out with a bang on the 5th!

3 Responses to “reflecting on my 30’s”

  1. I agree! Eat healthy, and no need to worry about aging until one reaches their 80s (or 90s???)!

    • Totally agreed, Vinny (love the name)!

      I was grocery shopping with my husband recently and realizing how few sugar cravings I have anymore. I told him it’s probably because I almost never have artificial sweeteners… while I still think the jury’s out on whether small amounts are carcinogenic, it’s pretty clear to me that any amount makes us want more sugar! WHich will lead to not only weight gain, but a ton of other health problems…

      • Sugar is my sworn enemy :). But i admit to using a little stevia, a natural no-cal sweetener, in some foods, especially yogurt-based things…

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