the great american novel…


“If I had months off, I’d sit around and write a book.”

How many of us have said this? I’m sure at least half of us. And yet how many of us write in our spare time? (Yeah, there are a handful of us bloggers. And a bunch of us post pithy Facebook statuses.) Most of the time, we’re reading what others have written. We’re passive. Living others’ lives.

But life is short. Yeah. We all say that. Without going into detail again on my past few months (which is here on the blog if you care)… it is, dammit.

That said, don’t postpone your dreams. If you want to write, write. But, easier said than done. It’s not just about opening up that Word doc and putting virtual pen to paper. That’s when we sit around for hours in analysis paralysis.

That’s where I’ve been for a while… because honestly, I have about 4 or 5 ideas. And I only have 10 more weeks to do it before I’m in front of another group of fresh collegiate faces. So… I’m writing this post to MYSELF as much as I am to all of you.

Any good document starts with an idea, yes, but a bigger one starts with an outline. I do have a draft(ish…) of one of my…. books (I hesitate to call it that. It’s short.) but it’s just a listing of chapters. Remember back in… 4th grade, or whenever, when they had us write outlines before each of our papers? Ugh. It was SO much work. Why can’t we just get to writing the paper? Well… now I know why. (It helps organize thoughts.)

So. We all have something to tell the world. And, better to be active through life than be passive, and let life happen to us. Let’s get crackin’ on this together. Who wants to outline their Great American Novel (mine are non-fiction) with me?

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