ms and vaccinations


Not too long ago, I talked about how I don’t get an annual flu shot and how that was part of my vaccinations discussion with my students. I don’t get sick very often, and I think it’s because of my attention to diet and exercise.

Recently, I was poking around the MS Society website, and was rather pleased to find their stand regarding vaccinations. So many organizations feel that all of us should get every single possible vaccine, whereas you can see, here, that the MS Society feels there are certain categories that aren’t safe for MS patients. Good for them for educating us properly.

To summarize, there are certain vaccines that are made from organisms that aren’t entirely killed–they’re just disabled. These are the ones that could screw up our immune systems, and potentially trigger a flare-up. The vaccines that contain completely dead organisms should be perfectly safe for us.

While I believe in vaccinating against diseases that could risk life-and-limb, if a vaccine were to come out against the common cold (unlikely due to the nature of the virus, but let’s just say), how many would flock out to get it? And I wonder how weak everyone’s immune system would become? For the low-risk illnesses, best just to supplement ourselves with proper nutrition and, if we get sick, let it run its course…


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