subtle reminders


Happy Canada Day to my northern neighbors… only a mere 130 miles to my north, currently!

So, after all of my more recent abdominal surgery medical crises I almost think the point of it all is so that I “forget” I have MS. And, really, when you have immediate pain that is a symptom of something potentially life threatening, a chronic problem is merely background noise. Particularly since I only have a little weakness on my left side.

Now that I’m getting back to the gym (pending intermittent nausea and gut issues) I can tell that there were several months that I couldn’t really lift… my strength just isn’t there. This is frightening, as someone with MS, since I know I have trouble building muscle. I was hoping to never have another lengthy medical layoff again for that reason…

But it is what it is, and I can only move forward. Really, I don’t notice any signs of MS day to day, aside from that minor left side weakness. Unfortunately it’s a tad amplified when I work out right now. I wobble a lot when I do lunges, and I used to only wobble a little.

I’ll chalk it up to my long layoff from real workouts, and be optimistic that I’ll fully regain the strength in my legs!


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