raising awareness


Here’s an NPR/PBS story that came out about MS a few days ago:

After The Fall: A Young Man Chronicles His Life With MS

In the story (and subsequent PBS documentary), this man, diagnosed at age 25 and declining rapidly, has made a film about his attempts at finding ways to improve his condition.

I love that more MS patients have gotten involved in public awareness. However, I’m guessing that those of us who are doing OK–whose disease has not progressed–are too busy with life otherwise to get involved in MS awareness. In other words, many of the MS awareness articles and videos involve walkers and wheelchairs.

Which is why, when I was first telling people about my diagnosis, I felt I couldn’t really point them at videos online. I felt that didn’t represent me. It still doesn’t!

I got a big idea last summer to create a video including me, as someone who is still active, but I am not a filmmaker, nor do I really know anyone. Plus, I have 10,000,000 other projects taking priority. I feel, though, that by writing here, that I am helping to raise public awareness that there can be people with MS who are fully functional and active. (And there are a few others of us who blog, too!)


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