settling down


After my past few months of nightmares (2 abdominal surgeries–the second one unexpected and major–followed by odd symptoms, which were related to the second surgery, which led to a third surgery) I seem to be bouncing back rather quickly!

Part of it stems from knowing what I do… I decided, shortly after Surgery 3, that normal nutrition was not what my body needed. My body didn’t need to process solids at the time, so I went on a liquid diet (no, not the liquid diet I had in grad school…)–lots of juice, pureed soup, broth, and I counted yogurt as well. Considering I became lactose intolerant except for yogurt for a while (and I still have occasional bouts), I know my gut was pretty angry from all of the rough treatment.

So, after a few days of no solids, I was run-down, since my job is reasonably active. But I was scared to add food back. I added back something gentle, but not particularly healthy–white, refined pasta. When I could do a few rounds of that with no pain, and same thing with white bread, I decided to try some gentler fruits and vegetables–those with more neutral pH and lower fiber. So I went for potatoes and bananas. I stuck with those for a few days, which was boring, but necessary.

I’ve been gradually adding in small portions of every and anything. I even had raw cabbage a few days ago, which did fine (a small amount). Just not trying to push things, but trying to get myself the nutrients, slow but sure, that I need to be 100%.

There you have it–proof that food can heal! Just not always in the ways that we normally think about it (since my green smoothies were too high fiber after my three surgeries, and causing me gut pain), but just a little bit of critical thinking about your situation will let you properly use the tools to heal yourself.


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