the fire


I was listening to a business podcast earlier today, in which an entrepreneur was interviewed. One of the recurring themes was that getting her business off the ground wasn’t easy; whenever she encountered a roadblock, she creatively came up with a work-around, even if it took extra effort for the outcome.

The host reminded the audience that if starting a business was easy, and that if it always happened via a predictable, cookie-cutter pathway, wouldn’t a lot of us be doing it? (Not everyone wants to… but enough do.) But getting to the end point–the successful business–requires a certain spark, a certain fire, to get you through and keep going.

And I realized how much this is a metaphor for health. Especially for many of us who don’t follow the normal trajectory.

If a healthy lifestyle were easy, would America (and other industrialized countries) have our current obesity problem? Likely not. And for some of us, we get used to a pattern of healthy living that works, and all of a sudden–BOOM. Something happens–maybe you’re diagnosed with MS, or you have another health problem. What do you do to change your trajectory? So many give up entirely… But there are those of us who are hopeful, and have the fire to keep on going.

Don’t give up on yourself…


5 Responses to “the fire”

  1. This post just got me going! I sat and went on to read your whole month of May! In a nutshell, I am so sorry about your abdominal pain and surgeries. You’d think we’d me exempt from any and all things that complicate or cloud our MS! I think menopause is an especially evil joke. And I totally “get” having too much knowledge at times. On the one hand, it leads us to over think our bodies, but on the other, it helps us a great deal:/ Fully understanding what’s going on makes me feel better, and at the same time takes a LOT of energy! Well, bottom line, I have nothing to offer :/ No help and no answers. Just a lot of “I feel your pain:(”
    Feel better soon? I’ll be back to check.

    • Thanks, Estizer! I’m just keeping on going and taking one day at a time. I’ve been back to work the past two days, so I’m feeling semi-human again! I jus thope I can continue going… šŸ™‚

  2. YAY for being back to work!

    • I still don’t feel 100%, but I try to act like it… because that’s my job. And besides, fake it ’til you make it, right?

      Or, in the wise words of one of my favorite TED talks by Amy Cuddy (look it up!!! my health students love it!)–fake it ’til you BECOME it. šŸ™‚

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