aaahhhh! now, i’m totally confused.


OK. In the last installment, I talked about having my second noticeable MS flareup ever.

I think I was wrong! The methylpred did very little to help me (just made me really hyper). I was back in the doctor’s office with the same symptoms again! And paid a visit to the naturopathic clinic. Who has time for my multiple jobs when I’m going all over the place chasing symptoms…

Initially thought to be an elerctrolyte imbalance (low magnesium and potassium), but that would be odd, given the amount of fruit and veg I eat. Still, started supplementing that more. Additionally, the ND folks were wondering if I could have some contributing reflux?

Hm. Well, I’ve had it before… so they gave me a supplement to help.

And I have to say: the next day, when I ate some yogurt (which is alkaline, not acidic) and that curtailed my symptoms for a while, I thought… we’re on to something!

Here, I’ve been eating tons of fruit and veg to get vitamins and minerals naturally. Who knew, all along, that I was making myself worse, by eating acidic fruit and giving my stomach additional acidity to work on?

I haven’t eliminated my produce, but I’m more careful about when I eat it.

Unfortunately I’ve had a few really painful flareups when I’ve eaten any fruit at all, since the first diagnosis. I’m hoping it’s just stress making things worse. Otherwise, it could be something else in my digestive tract, and considering all of the repairs that have been done down there… I don’t want to think about it. (But I’ll probably get it checked, anyway, since even coffee is out of the question at this point.)

The double-edged sword of being a physiologist… I have the knowledge to really explain what’s going on in my body, but I give too much leading information… and got over-steroided last week. What to do?


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