or so i thought…


You may remember my last post, where I rattled on and on, bragging about how I use my diet and exercise to keep my MS at bay?

Well, a few days after that ER trip, still feeling tight in the chest without illness, still elevated heart rate consistently, feeling faint… I thought: what if I’m experiencing the infamous “MS hug” as a flareup symptom, but my only one?

Considering two abdominal surgeries, one unexpected, and severe pain leading to the second one due to a bowel obstruction, and not having any Rebif for the month involving all of that mess… it was certainly possible.

That very morning, I put in a call to my specialist. I taught my only college class (only the morning), and they took me in shortly after that. The only other option they considered was a chest/lung infection… but considering I’d never had a fever, that my lungs sounded clear every time I was checked out, and that I had zero congestion.

So in other words… my MS specialist agreed with me, and sent me immediately to their infusion center down the hall to start a three-day course of methylpred.

(Ugh, methylpred, keeping me up at night, but hopefully within the next few weeks, within that two-week range, my symptoms will be entirely clear. Even after the first infusion, I felt a little better. Maybe it was psychological, since I know it’s really not supposed to take effect for the first week, but it seemed to do something.)

In any case, I guess I can no longer brag about having only one known flare-up (which, if you look at my history, clearly I had some damage before I was diagnosed, so I had some minor flare-ups before 2012) but I’m glad I recognized symptoms when I did. It was getting scary feeling faint in front of students, and when I was driving…


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