we’re a work in progress!


I’m back teaching nutrition again this quarter (as if you couldn’t tell… from all of my nutrition-related ramblings) and, once again, I told my new group about why it truly is important at the molecular level to consume our nutrients.

Well, as a child growing, we know it’s important, because you’re building structures of your body, and these structures are increasing in size.

But did you know that, even as an adult, that parts of our body are constantly recycling? Blood cells recycle. The lining of our stomach and intestines recycle every few days. Our skin recycles (otherwise, when too much dead skin flakes away, what would be left?).

So, how do we supply the recycling process? Why……. with proper nutrition, of course! This is why people who eat properly have youthful-looking skin. (I still get mistaken for 5-10 years younger than my age…)

To a limited degree… our neural tissue can regenerate. I’m trying to do my best to supply it with good nutrition and movement. So far, my MS has stayed in mostly hiding, and I like to think that my fruit and veg obsession is part of the trick!

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